American Idol and Sandra Conchar win $10,000 Ladies Side Saddle Stake – CORRECTED



*CORRECTION – It was incorrectly reported in this release on Thursday that Trillium was reserve champion, when in fact American Idol was reserve champion.  The corrected release follows.

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Photo Credit: Sandra Conchar and American Idol, winners of the $10,000 Ladies Side Saddle Stake at the Washington International Horse Show. Photo © 2006 Diana DeRosa. This photo may be used free of charge only in relation to this press release.

American Idol and Sandra Conchar Win $10,000 Ladies Side Saddle Stake at the 2006 Washington International Horse Show

Washington, D.C. – October 26, 2006 –The traditional sport of Ladies Side Saddle was the beginning of an exciting evening program at the 48th annual Washington International Horse Show (WIHS). Competitors competed for a large purse and championship ribbons.

The 2006 WIHS serves as one of the country’s most prestigious and competitive indoor equestrian events, with prominent riders, Olympic veterans, and superstar equines competing for top honors and fabulous prize money. The WIHS, held October 24 – 29, 2006, is located at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C., home of the Washington International Horse Show since 2000.

The first competition in the Side Saddle Division was the Ladies Side Saddle Under Saddle, where the competitors were judged at the walk, trot and canter. The second class was the Ladies Side Saddle Hack, which includes their jumping two fences measuring at 2’6″ in height. Finally, they competed in the $10,000 Ladies Side Saddle Stake.

Kit Roszko won both the Ladies Side Saddle Under Saddle and the Ladies Side Saddle Hack on a big chestnut gelding named Count On Me. Roszko got the ride on the Thoroughbred when her student and owner of the horse, Danielle Buhheit, had

knee surgery 16 weeks ago.

Count On Me has been Zone 2 champion twice, champion at the Metropolitan National Horse Show and reserve champion at Harrisburg last week. Buhheit has owned him for four years, and this was their second trip to WIHS. The last time was in 2003, the last time that WIHS offered Side Saddle classes.

The $10,000 Side Saddle Stake class was sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Greenberg who are huge supporters of Side Saddle and also sponsor a Stakes class at the Upperville Horse Show. Tonight’s Side Saddle Stake was a hunter class with eight fences set at 3’ in height. The only difference in Side Saddle and any other jumping class is that they are not required to jump an in-and-out. There are eight single fences, judged as hunters, just in a different saddle, and they are the only hunter division that still carries appointments.

“Appointments give the sport a sense of tradition and artistry,” Buhheit explained. “The appointments include a ladies sandwich case and flask and a stitched in bridle (bit is stitched in). The bit must be a Pelham or Full bridle. The horses are not allowed to wear a saddle pad, so the saddles must fit very well. Saddles are usually the most difficult to put together because it is so important that they fit perfectly,” she added. “The rider must carry a pair of Whip Cord (Rain Gloves) underneath the off-side of the saddle, in case your leather gloves got wet out hunting. We also carry a traditional hunting whip with a lash and a thong to keep the hounds in line. The riding attire has a stock tie, plain hunting boots with a spur, and a top hat with a veil, and garters.”

“People do not give horses enough credit for their versatility. A good egg is a good egg whether you are riding astride or aside; they ride the same way,” Buhheit noted. ” If you have a rotten astride, it will be rotten aside. I have never ridden a good horse that did not take to the side saddle. Any well schooled horse understands,” she smiled.

Results of the $10,000 Ladies Side Saddle Stake

1. AMERICAN IDOL Sandra Conchar Mary L.Cramer

2. TRILLIUM Sally Weaver Melanie McCartney

3. COUNT ON ME Kit Roszko Danielle Buchhett

4. KEEGAN Debra Taylor Debra Taylor

5. SEA SALT Susanne Clifford Sally Lamb

6. AASPEN’S BLACK DIAMOND Lisa B. Friel Amy Jo Magee

7. ROUND MIDNIGHT Erica Bocaner Rachel Howell

The $10,000 Ladies Side Saddle Stake was won by Sandra Conchar aboard Mary L. Cramer’s American Idol. “He is fabulous, and he is funny. We have a great time together. We are best friends!” Conchar said with excitement. “I could not ask for anything more from a horse.” Conchar and the dark brown Thoroughbred, American Idol, took home a check for $5,000.

Grand Champion Ladies Side Saddle– Count On Me and Kit Roszko

Reserve Grand Champion Ladies Side Saddle – Sandra Conchar- American Idol – owned by Laura Cramer


Photo Credit: Sandra Conchar and American Idol, winners of the $10,000 Ladies Side Saddle Stake at the Washington International Horse Show. Photo © 2006 Diana DeRosa. This photo may be used free of charge only in relation to this press release.

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