60 Second Q&A with Archie Cox, Top Hunter Rider and Trainer


Archie Cox has been riding his entire life. As a junior, he won the ASPCA Maclay Finals and the AHSA Medal. In 1992 he moved his farm, Brookway Stables, from New York to Middle Ranch in Lakeview Terrace, Calif. Cox has trained some of the top hunter horses and riders in the nation, capturing championships at every major horse show. Cox travels from California every year for Washington International Horse Show. In 2008, Cox joined the WIHS board of directors.

How long have you been showing at Washington?
I first competed at Washington International Horse Show in 1986 as a junior rider in the junior hunters.

What has it been like competing as a junior and then as a professional?
I would say as a junior rider you don’t appreciate all the work that goes into the horse show. Every aspect from the grooms, trainers, owners, parents, to the management, and the city of Washington D.C.

What are some of your biggest accomplishments at WIHS?
In 2007, John French won the First Year Green Hunter Championship with Stephanie Danhakl’s Scout, a horse I trained. In 2004, Heavenly was Grand Champion Hunter, and we also won 11 classes at Washington.

You travel a long way to come here. What goes into your travel preparation?
Reservations, lots of reservations! It’s very easy to cancel them, very hard to plan them. Luckily the horse show has set dates, so it is easy to get the hotels. The key is being organized and doing it early.

For the long trip from California, do you fly or trailer your horses?
Most of our horses fly, but some do trailer. The travel doesn’t interfere with competition at all.

What makes WIHS special?
I think it is the most prestigious horse show in the country. It is a true indoor event at the nation’s capital.

Are you planning to come this year? How many horses do you hope to bring?
Yes, of course we’re coming this year! We’ll bring somewhere between 10 and 15 horses.

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